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The climate of the Canary Islands

The best climate in the world

Good weather has a big impact on our emotions and behaviour. It is scientifically proven that the temperature we feel will put us in a better or worse mood. That is why people from the Canary Islands are supposed to have an open, happy nature.

The annual average of 22ºC to 24ºC means we can take walks along the beach in both summer and winter, feeling the pleasant heat of the sun on our skin and breathing in pure air and nature – all elements that completely renew us.

The warm temperatures influence the sea, so the waters of El Hierro—at an average of 20ºC—are perfect for scuba diving and enjoying unbeatable marine diversity.

Eternal springtime

The Canary Islands have stable temperatures all year round. Eternal springtime with sunny days and clear, blue skies.


Tº Min:
19,4 ºC

Tº max:
26,2 ºC

Average T°:
24,2 ºC


Tº Min:
15,5 ºC

Tº max:
22,1 ºC

Average T°:
17,4 ºC

4.800 h

The place with the most hours of daylight in Europe

The clear skies and infrequent rain mean you can enjoy more sunny days and about 4,800 hours of daylight a year. And it is well-known that sunlight has a positive effect on our moods and the organism. In summer, there is practically no rain and there are an average of three rainy days a month in winter.

Come and discover everything El Hierro can offer you any day of the year and get infected by the good weather. You'll see how you recharge your batteries and starting wearing a big smile.