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El Hierro By Day

You open your eyes, stretch and look out the window. From the moment the first rays of sunlight appear in the east until they set in the west, the island awakens you and fills you with life. It is somewhere you can discover unique places, mysterious shadows and never-ending trails by the light of day so you can disconnect and forget what day of the week it is – every day.  

Five things to do on El Hierro

Here are some places to go and things to do for enjoying a full day on El Hierro and getting the utmost out of your stay:  

Have a dip in the cove at El Tacorón

Cala de Tacorón

You simply cannot go to El Hierro without taking a dive into the sea. It's essential to put aside a few hours for a good relaxing swim in the sunshine. And it's also a good way to absorb vitamin D, which keeps your skin and bones healthy.

The perfect place for this has got to be the cove at El Tacorón. A virgin beach in the south of the island and renowned for having the calmest Atlantic waters all year round. Where the blue of the sea combines with black and ochre tones due to its volcanic origins.

Route to the highest point on the island

Pico de Malpaso

El Hierro will reveal unforgettable places to you in the heart of nature with fabulous views. An excursion to Pico de Malpaso will allow you to see and experience the island as you never imagined. At an altitude of 1,502 metres, between the municipalities of El Pinar and Frontera, it is the highest point on El Hierro. If you decide to climb to the top very early in the morning, you will be able to see how nature awakens as the sun rises. A truly worthwhile sight.

Journey to El Hierro's past

Ecomuseo de Guinea

Make the most of your visit to discover a little more about the island, its nature and its culture. If you get the chance to see the Guinea eco-museum, you will find out how the architecture of its buildings evolved from the 17th to the 20th century. In El Julan, you will find ancient etchings that bear witness to the passage of the bimpapes or bimbaches through the island. A journey through the history of El Hierro that will not disappoint.

A naturally-formed balcony with views of El Golfo valley

Mirador de la Peña

Set over a sheer cliff, La Peña viewpoint will lay out El Golfo valley at your feet and let you enjoy one of the best views of the island. Designed by the architect César Manrique and declared a Site of Cultural Interest, this is the most frequented viewpoint of all. You will literally feel like you are in heaven. Forget your camera or your mobile and just enjoy it.

Visit the most famous tree in the world

Árbol Garoé

El Garoé is probably one of the most emblematic trees on the whole island. Don't leave without seeing it. Found in San Andrés, it saved the islanders from a great drought, as it was able to distil water. The original tree was blown down by a hurricane in 1610. A lime tree was planted in its place.