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How to get here

Discover how to get to El Hierro – Spain's southernmost island, the genuine island, the island with soul.

You can reach El Hierro by boat or plane.

The quickest and fastest way to travel is by plane, with daily flights from Tenerife and Gran Canaria. There is also the option of taking a ferry to the island from the south of Tenerife (Los Cristianos).


40-minute flight (Binter airline)
40-minute flight (Canaryfly airline)

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2–3-hour voyage
(Armas ferry company)

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FROMGran Canaria

55-minute flight (Binter airline)
55-minute flight (Canaryfly airline)

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For more information regarding the island, ask the El Hierro Island Tourism Board

C/ Dr. Quintero Magdaleno, 4
38900 Valverde / Isla de El Hierro
Tfno.: 922 – 55 03 02
Fax: 922 – 55 29 03