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Hotel Parador de El Hierro

Somewhere to disconnect on El Hierro

El Hierro Parador Hotel in the southeast of the island is a perfect place to disconnect. It is out on its own in virgin surroundings where the volcanic coastline becomes a little straighter. 9 kilometres from the district of Puerto de La Estaca—the nearest town—the building is in typical Canary Islands style, not especially big and beside the sea. A place to rest, where time stands still and the bustle disappears.

An oasis of calm beside Bonanza Rock

The best way to reach the parador hotel is by car. It lies resting against a rocky wall beside the sea, at the end of the road. There are exceptional views of Bonanza Rock from here, which is a real icon for the island's inhabitants. Nothing quite compares with lounging on the terrace of one the parador hotel's comfortable bedrooms, simply admiring the coastal scenery. It has a beautiful big pool overlooking the sea, where you can relax and breathe in the salty air. Some steps will take you down to one of the little coves with transparent waters where you can take a quiet dip in the sea.

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