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Pozo de las Calcosas natural pools

A place with character in the north of El Hierro

Known for its natural pools, Pozo de las Calcosas is in the municipality of Valverde and is worth seeing. It is a little natural bay enclosed by a cliff, where you can see the way houses used to be made with roofs thatched with rye straw—a material that is no longer used—and enjoy a natural pool of water from the Atlantic Ocean. Swimming in the open sea is permitted or prohibited depending on waves.

The particular paradise of El Mocanal

Pozo de las Calcosas is not just a picture-postcard hideaway but hides the strangest secrets that you could imagine. At the end of some steep steps, we come across the work of Rubén Armiche: a reinvented Neptune made from recycled materials. A cultural walk that you can start or end at one of the two restaurants or just go back to wandering around the village.

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